Blind Tiger Filmworks was conceived by independent filmmakers for independent filmmakers, but what does that mean? The answer is simple: as filmmakers ourselves we identified all the necessities of a film production and combined them into a single package contained under one roof for a single rental price.


Blind Tiger is a comprehensive rental facility located in Virginia, it is outfitted with a complete camera and audio packages that rival the needs of any professional filmmaker. Among the items included are the Red Epic Dragon camera with a set of Zeiss Ultra Primes, a Sound Devices recorder and mixer with Sennheiser microphones, the entire line of M-series lights from Arri (including the Arrimax) with a complete 10-ton grip package (including dolly), as well as lodging for 29 individuals accompanied by a full service kitchen, dining area, hair and make-up facilities, green rooms and a soundstage.

Arri M-Series & Vector Dolly

Arri M-Series & Vector Dolly


After a decade of launching productions using the traditional models, we noticed a pattern in our expenditures. Most of our budget was going to renting cameras, lights, lodging and purchasing food and very little of our money was leftover for securing talent, art department, effects and post work. We knew we needed professional, Hollywood-level gear to realize our vision and stay competitive in a crowded marketplace. So we created Blind Tiger Filmmworks to bring all of the physical production needs together, so that we could focus our budgets toward the onscreen elements of our films.

However as much as we would like to, we cannot be shooting every day of the year. So we decided to open our facility to the independent filmmaking and video production community in an effort to offset cost and help new voices realize visions that, under the traditional models, would be otherwise cost prohibitive or altogether unattainable.


Blind Tiger Filmworks is located in Petersburg, Virginia. Petersburg is a historic city located 20 minutes south of Richmond, Virginia. The city was a primary location for such projects as Lincoln, Mercy Street and AMC's Turn. Though known for its historic architecture, Petersburg is a city that can stand-in for a variety of locations, both modern and period.

Blind Tiger film studio rental Petersburg Virginia


So how does it work? It's very simple, actually. Virtually everything you need to produce a film on a professional level is included in the rental price. Camera, audio, lights, grip, complete studio facilities, lodging and dining are all available to filmmakers and video creatives so that they can produce their projects without worrying about multiple vendors, multiple deadlines, cost overruns or scheduling conflicts.

All a filmmaker needs is a vision, a script and willing cast and crew. Everything else is taken care once they walk through the doors.



Grip and Lighting

Camera, audio, lights and support... Everything needed for film production and more.


Lodging, kitchen, dining, production offices, hair and make-up, soundstage and more.